Group Classes

Ages 2.5 –3

This class will expose your toddler to basic techniques needed for youth soccer such as balance, coordination, and concentration in a fun environment. We start our classes in with free play and simple youth soccer drills. As your toddler becomes become familiar with youth soccer concepts & objects, she/he is introduced to walking with the ball, dribbling, shooting, horizontal targeting, and the basic concept of scoring. We even show your toddler how to go forward, backpedal, and side-to-side.  

Ages 4-5

This class is geared for those kids who are still soccer novices, but are ready for instruction with a bit more focus on physical activity. We start our classes with warm up activities such as stretching, ball exercises, fun drills, and dribbling. As the class progresses your kid will be introduced to passing the ball, receiving the ball when passed to them, enhancing their shooting skills, improving their foot-eye coordination, learn how to turnaround with the ball, and more. Rules of youth soccer are also introduced..

Ages 6-8

This class is geared for all levels of youth soccer experience.  We focus on how to improve speed and quick thinking skills by using fun game drills. In addition, your kid will learn how to pass, receive ground, and lofted ball. We still focus on dribbling but we move up to intermediate skills such as using all of the foot, enhancing shooting skills with game exercises, and learning the player positions.  We will introduce the concept of controlling the ball with their chest, knees, and insteps. Our class even exposes them to the rules of the game, they will learn about sportsmanship, how to play as a team, scrimmage, and have fun using their skills playing the game. We do encourage competitive play yet it is done in a fun, encouraging way. 

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