Five Reasons Why Children Should Play Soccer

From local parks in Houston to the sandy beaches of Brazil, soccer is played by millions of children across the globe. Participating in a soccer introduction or supplemental training program offers a constructive way for kids to have fun and provides an opportunity for families to spend quality time together. Soccer also helps children develop in myriad ways that benefit their physical and emotional well being.

Becoming Fit
Learning the importance of daily exercise can help your child lead a healthier life. Soccer combines aerobic and anaerobic elements that require a high level of fitness in players. The required level of fitness helps children to maintain healthy body weight. Playing soccer also gives children the recommended amount of cardiovascular exercise necessary to maintain a healthy heart and lungs. Regular exercise builds muscle strength and increases energy levels.
Making Friends
This inclusive sport offers introduction or supplemental training play for both boys and girls. Soccer introduction or supplemental training programs are open to various age groups and allow children as young as under 5 to compete in a fun way. Thus children can be members of a team during critical development stages. The child learns important character building traits such as working hard to develop skills and good sportsmanship. Children also experience healthy peer-group interactions and learn how to build friendships during practices, games and team activities.

Broadening Horizons
Soccer's world governing body, FIFA, has more than 200 national member associations. A high-profile event such as the FIFA World Cup illustrates the diversity of the game's participants and fans, as well as the various places it is played. Exposing children to soccer can stimulate them to think broader about the world in terms of countries, cultures and people. Thinking in broader terms can also spark their interest in traveling, foreign languages and geography.Curing 

Playing soccer can teach your child constructive ways to cure boredom. The game's pace can be the perfect antidote for children who are easily bored. Instead of spending time playing video games and watching television, your child will be active. Being a member of a soccer team will give her access to positive mentors, such as coaches and other adults who will teach her helpful time-management techniques.Forging 

Getting your children involved in a soccer training program strengthens their bond with you. Taking an interest in something they find important lets children know you care. Furthermore, it increases the amount of quality time you spend together.

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