Check out what parents are saying about our Sam's Soccer Program:



Coach Sam’s unique coaching method really hits home with the kids. He connects on an individual level with each player and is able to get them to focus working on the area he/she needs to improve his/her game. Having him coach our son was like having a personal soccer trainer working with him. Watching the whole team go through practices with him, I’m always amazed at how he captivates their attention and earns the respect of the kids (and parents!) Thanks for making the game fun for this next generation.  

Yuko. Y



We've known Coach Sam for about 3 years, all I can tell you is he is absolutely fantastic! 
He's the most professional and caring coach ever! 

Monica. D



Coach Sam has been a soccer-coaching influence on our son for 3 seasons at the YMCA.  Although the YMCA has a voluntary coaching program, Coach Sam approaches the responsibility with serious dedication and an obvious love for the game of soccer.  Under Sam’s encouragement, we have observed a boost in self-confidence, a maturity on the field, and an improved grasp of the game.  Coach Sam uses clever incentives to boost team spirit and emphasis teamwork and never forgets to make it fun.  Thank you for keeping our son engaged and excited about the game of soccer.

 Terri T.