What to Anticipate

What to anticipate

  • Plan to arrive 10–15 minutes early for the first class, so your kid can meet the other kids in the class, parents, and coaches, as well as pick up a t-shirt (if it is your first class of the season).
  • Your Sam's Soccer Jam coach will have a roster listing all registered children, so there is no need to bring a receipt to the class.
  • Coaches cannot accept payment, so make sure you have paid PRIOR to the first class. If there is an exception please call coach Sam.
What to bring to the session
  • Water or juice for your kid for each class.
  • Shin guards can be worn, but are not required or necessary
  • Appropriate footwear such as sneakers.  Cleats are not necessary, can be harmful to kids under 5, and most parks request that our players NOT wear them.  Sandals or other shoes that easily fall off the foot is not recommended.
Weather Announcements
If your class is outdoors and it is raining, you will be advised of CLASS CANCELLATION VIA EMAIL. We make every effort to determine class status TWO HOURS before your class starts.  If in doubt, or you do not have access to the internet, please call our office at 832 786-1968All rain days will be added on at the end of the season.