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Youth Soccer

We believe in the power of sports to shape good character traits while also keep children physically fit and fight against child obesity. Sam’s Soccer Jam is a uniquely designed program that will introduce youth soccer to your child in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. We specialize in fun soccer. We offer youth soccer sessions where we teach basic soccer skills, fun kids games, and healthy competition to your kid. Our program also emphasizes character-forming lessons such as fair play, individual concentration, listening, sharing, taking turns, and encouragement.  We have different types of classes. We have an open group class.  We also offer Build-Your-Own instruction skill development classes for parents that want a class exclusively for their child and child’s friends. Moreover, for parents and players interested in a more focused approach to development, we are happy to offer individual one on one training sessions. In addition we proudly offer after school and enrichment programs within the Houston areas. 


Fun Soccer & Kids Practice Games

Each of Sam’s Soccer Jam session incorporates the following:

• Basic soccer skills

• Guided self-discovery method with Sam’s Soccer Jam games

• Word of the day

• Use of imagination

• Fun fitness activities and exercises (Kids Games) 

• Coordination, balance, and agility development

·  Motivational soccer patches to reinforce learning 



Sam’s Soccer Jam recruits enthusiastic, motivated, qualified and kid-friendly coaches with a first class grasp and love of all things soccer.

• The owner of Sam’s Soccer Jam is Sam Zagaar. Sam is committed to having quality, fun   

  instruction at every session. Sam currently coaches youth soccer at the YMCA and has earned 

  his youth coaching license.

• Sam Zagaar has over 14 years of playing and 6 years of coaching experience: 5 at the youth

   level and 1 at the recreational level.

• Instructors include collegiate soccer players and other qualified soccer instructors. All

  instructors use the proven Sam’s Soccer Jam curriculum. In addition, every instructor has

  passed a criminal background check and has a child abuse clearance.

• Every instructor has gone through adult and pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED training

• Sam’s Soccer Jam is insured.


Sam’s Soccer Jam is fun with smart curriculum and programs that are designed to meet the needs of the individual kids with emphasis on practice kids games, learn through guided self-discovery method to motivate and reward kids for hard work and effort, teach independence, confidence, improve self-esteem, leadership, respect, assertiveness and conflict resolution. 





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